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Blue Feathers

Lighting the way

Programs & Coaching


The main aim of these powerful sessions is to facilitate the connection with your own inner wisdom. This is a gift that will never leave you, a place to gather strength and understanding. It is created with your own individual blueprint.


The main aim of these powerful healing sessions is to provide further alignment with your inner wisdom. The healing will release old patterns including blockages in your physical body and areas of dis-ease

About The Council of Chiefs

Blue Feathers is now a high vibrational being who has long since left the planet. 

The Council of Chiefs that he represents and works with, are a consortium of other Indigenous and ancient tribes on Earth, Ascended Beings, Angelic beings and Star Beings. With Blue Feathers as the lead, they come forward in the information that is provided. It is a symbol that we are all one and all connected across all religions and beliefs. 

This website reflects not only shamanic influences but the influences of all in the Council.

A message from Julie

Soul mission: I am on Earth working with the Council of Chiefs to help bring light to as many souls as possible. I will do this by helping you find your own inner light. When others then see your light, then the ripples go out.

This website is in itself a transmitter of healing, peace, compassion and love. When you come here and ask for help, healing or guidance, you will always receive it. Just close your eyes and ask. It’s that simple. Clicks of those asking for help.

Furthermore, this website offers information and access to one on one sessions to help you unlock and truly connect with your inner being. This is the greatest gift to give anyone as you make the transition to inner freedom and peace. 


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