New Moon in Leo and The Prism of Light

We are on the doorstep of a major energy convergence on August 1. Go through the prism of light and new moon energy to find your way through with renewed strength and understanding. Return to simplicity and magic through this ancient meditation.

Grandfather Sun Grandmother Moon Meditation

In the cradle of the Cancer Sun and Moon, we are beginning again – a new cycle. And we have before us, a unique opportunity to be cleansed at the deepest levels of our being and for all time space and join as one. This is an exquisite new moon where sun and moon are in perfect alignment. Let us be free, in our souls, in our being.

The Ancient Archer Meditation

Make your intentions known for the Winter/Summer Solstice by arrowing them into the vibrant Full Super Moon In Sagittarius.

The Magic of Lunar Eclipse Alchemy

Come join us in this magical lunar eclipse energy. This is a sacred and deeply transformative odyssey into cosmic energy bringing deep change to your soul essence. The only true way is to deep dive.

Mother Earth – The Grounding Gateway

In the midst of turbulent times, this meditation provides you with a peaceful, soothing anchor of deep grounding. You will walk away with strength for the weeks and months ahead. Come join this very healing and magical meditation journey that you can return to time and time again.

The Alchemy of the New – Full Moon in Libra

Would you like to move out of suffering and into the new world? You are already doing this but come join the circle of humanity and know this to be true. Feel its love and healing energy as we create a magical alchemy on Planet Earth.

Neanderthal Meditation & The Beginning of Time

Come on a journey to the beginnings of time, meet the Neanderthals and learn from them. Like our ancestors, we embrace our own new timeline on the Planet under the Aries Moon and Sun.