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Programs & Coaching

Overview of Services

Whether you decide to explore a Magic Bundle or Medicine Bundle, it does not really matter. The Bundles and the choices within each Bundle are all pathways designed to lead you and your inner soul and essence to finding one another and become aware that you dance a Divine dance. You don’t have to think that much about what to choose as they will always be perfect choices.

What’s on Offer

Realising that you are an eternal state of being and the deeper you go into that state, you will be clearing your karma with love and forgiveness. You will be transforming. This is life changing and impacts everyone around you and brings change to them as well, ever the ripples go out. It may take time and some transitioning. If you are on a path of suffering with a lot of ego, emotions and mind talk that is unbearable, there’s a better than a good chance you will find this state of beingness over someone who has an easy life. It’s meant to be unbearable in order to push you through to transformation and growth as a being – that’s the way of the Universe. And what’s happening on Earth right now collectively? A lot of suffering and a lot of unbearableness and not many people having it easy.  In every waking hour we have blessed opportunities all around us in which to surrender to what is and just be. As you do this, even a little bit, you will experience your inner wisdom taking over and guiding you. And bit by bit answers will come to you.

How Do I Know It Works?

I am a hybrid of humanness and a degree of awakening into a state of being. I know the suffering ego as tired of itself and how it can be soothed by soul essence that comes round you like a blanket and then they blend together and the suffering is dissolved. And with practice, while you are still learning life’s lessons this awareness makes even learning the lessons easier and lifelong patterns are broken. I have had the privilege of sometimes spending long periods of time in a state of stillness and peace. I can take any issues or problems into this state and surrender them, and I always get an answer. Over a life time I have done the work and it is my calling to share my knowledge with you.

I have gathered my Tools from both a spiritual path and a corporate world.

Spirit path

  • Graduate Eckhart Tolle School of Awakening
  • Healing Practitioner/Shamanism/Past Life Regression
  • Journey Practitioner
  • Past Spiritualist Minister

Corporate World

  • IECL Coach/HR/Recruitment/Tender Evaluations Expert and Writer
  • BA Communications – Film major; Journalist and Editor
  • Published Author – children’s books non fiction
  • Book Editor
  • Trades Press Editor and Journalist; Medical Journalist and in the very beginning, Nurse


Individual Sessions start at $150 AUD.