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The Magic Bundle

A Program Guided by Blue Feathers and the Council

The main aim of these powerful sessions is to facilitate the connection with your own inner wisdom. This is a gift that will never leave you, a place to gather strength and understanding. It is created with your own individual blueprint. The sessions will unfold by the wisdom of what you need and wherever you are in your own development. However here are some of the main tools:


Creating a space of sacred presence.

Discussion – One: one or group facilitation.

Meditation and Stillness/Past Life Recall/Soul exploration.

Transformational counselling.

Blend of professional coaching* and spiritual practices. Journey Practitioner as an extra tool.

*Professional coach – Institute of Executive Coaching and Leadership.

One hour or 90-minute Sessions – can be tailored to your individual needs and budget.

Bundle I

Entering the Tepee (Beginners) one or a series of sessions.

Set your intention and let’s meditate on it, calling on your inner wisdom and that of Nature. Then depending on what that intention is:

Receive discussion, coaching and guidance on current life direction to broaden your awareness of self and begin self-discovery.

Know you are fully supported in an empowering environment of trust. Be open to the guiding Spirit of the Council.

Bundle II

Into the Flame (Intermediate) one or a series of sessions.

Your relationship with your inner self has deepened and there is an inner calling for change. You are ready to receive transformational discussion and counselling.

Find safety in a strengths-based and outcomes focused process.

Unearth your unique and individual blueprint as a soul and identify your true needs.

Acknowledge your shadow self. Cleanse and clear at a deeper level.

Bundle III

Your Sacred Place (Advanced) one or a series of sessions.

With pathways cleared, you can now connect deeply with your inner wisdom and intuition through meditation, stillness and guided discussion. You may visit past lives or not. It is just whatever your soul needs.

Connect more deeply with your Spirit allies, with Nature and connections for guidance along the journey. Unlock your own inner wisdom and your own wise answers. Live every day with this precious knowledge. Meditation, discussion, guidance.


All three bundles.