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From the Star Beings of Council

Throughout the centuries the presence of Star Beings aiding Earth has been known, though the extent of the aid is unknown. For example, as humankind learnt to fly planes our Star Ones were helping. There was a lot of prevalent activity by us as Star Beings during WWII. We have left much evidence over time, but have not come forward to face the general population in some kind of formal way. Pyramids, crops circles and other unexplained phenomena have been calling cards of another existence watching in on Earth. There are Star Ones assigned to Earth, yes, already in human form. Some are new, some have been with the Earth since the beginning of time.   

Early inventors of the concept of a plane, such as Da Vinci and others, did not succeed because they lacked the technology, although their theory was mostly correct. In much the same vein humankind currently has knowledge but lacks the aids to get the New World off the ground.

Theories abound right now. There are predictions that Gaia will effectively push humanity off the planet by the end of the century if we don’t address climate change and take better care of the environment. The pandemic is therefore a warning of things to come.

There is also the belief that the Earth energetically is splitting into two dimensions – one being Heaven on Earth; and the other, an Earth continuing in its suffering. In the scenario you must choose, either consciously or unconsciously, which one you will inhabit.

Our observation is why has humankind collectively called for a halt on its own existence through this pandemic? A major recalibration of your beings, your DNA, even your soul contracts with one another is taking place. Everything seems to be uncertain in a world of unusual degrees of stress and suffering. The economies and the corporations are faltering. You have been forced into your homes and relative limitations in an otherwise mostly affluent world.

The pandemic will go where fear and ignorance and over time frustration, impatience and resentment are greatest.  There are fluctuations in its activity as the collective of humankind goes through the portals of change which are apparently inescapable. That’s the collective experience right now.

Here’s the truth most of you seem to be missing. Your inner world, a vast and eternal space, is the way forward and as you begin to trust your own intuition and get in touch with your own unlimiting beliefs of the options, choices and opportunities waiting in the wings, watch with wonder as your outside world lightens and changes.

What mastery if you can work within these perceived outer limitations and find your own way forward!  For example, if you are a frontline medical and you are in touch with your inner world, you may find all the inner strength you need, an unexplained feeling of support plus tangible concessions, blessings, enormous gratitude and very active dream spaces (even if they are not remembered) as you constantly process the present. You are energetic midwives seeing souls either transition or recover. Down in the trenches it may be hard to see the magnitude of your spirit work. Where can you find answers when you are so busy?

Peace and quiet, stillness is the most powerful portal of all and perhaps because of its power often goes unnoticed and is accessible at all times in the present. It is a natural place to commune with your inner essence that holds magical answers and solutions. But you have to believe in it and give it a try. If you say you don’t have the time, it is time to create it.

If you have read or believe that the Earth is not quite real and you create your reality then what is being created through this pandemic? Does this mean you can end the pandemic and all go home? Apparently, you are saying that you can’t go back to the way things were. There seems to be an enormous collective desire for change as a resounding theme, but the answer is not in the external world.

You will get the New Earth “off the ground” when you simply surrender to peace and quiet and just be as a being that you are in the Universe. Let your own individual wisdom come forward and guide you through your portion of this collective experience. In this stillness the answers will come. You have to get out of the way and let your ego and thoughts subside.

Most of you walk past the opportunities that lie within every waking hour while you continually turn your focus outwards. All other civilizations outside of Earth have peace as a central focus. There is a calling to bring Earth into alignment with the rest of the Universe and we are here to assist.

Give yourself the opportunity to begin to move forward into a new existence by simply sitting in utter silence for 10 minutes per day and then build on that practice. It may sound simple but it takes some practice and commitment to change. Think of us and we will assist.

Yours in magical peace,

The Star Ones.