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New Moon in Leo & The Prism of Light – Podcast Preview

We are on the doorstep of a major energy convergence on August 1. Go through the prism of
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Full Moon in Capricorn Meditation – Outer Chaos Inner Peace – A New Door Opens – Podcast Preview

Travel into the Moon’s illuminating energy and uncover a journey into past, present or future. Then return to
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Grandfather Sun Grandmother Moon Meditation – Podcast Preview

In the cradle of the Cancer Sun and Moon, we are beginning again – a new cycle. And
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Solstice Ceremony – Cancer Sun, Great Mother Earth, Pods in the Soil – Podcast Preview

You will experience the deepest soul activation of your intentions simply through connection with nature and the Galactic
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The Ancient Archer Meditation – Podcast Preview

Make your intentions known for the Winter/Summer Solstice by arrowing them into the vibrant Full Super Moon In
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New Moon in Gemini – A New Divine Dialogue – Podcast Preview

Come join this exquisite meditation filled with peace, release, deep healing. It has a special signature of wisdom
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The Magic of Lunar Eclipse Alchemy – Podcast Preview

Come join us in this magical lunar eclipse energy. This is a sacred and deeply transformative odyssey into
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Mother Earth – The Grounding Gateway Podcast Preview

In the midst of turbulent times, this meditation provides you with a peaceful, soothing anchor of deep grounding.
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The Alchemy of the New – Full Moon in Libra Podcast Preview

Would you like to move out of suffering and into the new world? You are already doing this
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