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Dear Ones, The blue is the colour of Aquarius.  And so, this full moon is another gateway opening towards the new era of the Aquarian Age.  It is a significant signpost as we move towards an unprecedented upgrade in energy that is happening now, but growing until a major culmination at the end of this year, December 21, according to astrologers. At that time, there is a very wonderful and beautiful gateway into 5th dimensional reality if you choose to be open to it. The other most recent and significant opening was on the new Moon in Libra, October 16 2020, when the beginning of this latest path branching off into 5D really began.  But all the astrological alignments of this year in particular including eclipses, other Blue Moons, super Moons and unusual alignments e.g. Mars in Aries for six months! The Capricorn stellium visiting twice! – and everything before this year to date, have been working towards this shift. It is as if the cosmos is reconfiguring the nature of astrology itself and a celestial hand is making its work known to us. All we can do is observe in wonder and go with it.

If you can imagine these gates of energy are on a celestial garden path and humankind is being guided through each of them. This is why so many have the sense that “we cannot go back”. There is an inherent understanding that humankind is moving forward.

However, as always, there is a choice to be made. How will you embrace the beauty of this earthy blue moon? Since ancient times, Nature has always been the air your spirits breathe and the sustenance for your souls. Anywhere, any connections with nature at all that you can make right now would bring a marvelous celebration of your beingness. You all have the precious Earth now and you must cherish it for as long as you are able, as your stay here is only temporary. Gaia listens and hears the pureness of hearts that love her lands, sea, air, flora and fauna. The celestial garden path will suddenly be very real to you if you can embrace the garden of Mother Earth right now.

Gaia is very calming and in her grandeur leaves humankind speechless – great canyons, waterfalls, oceans, mountains, forests and snows. Make the effort to begin a personal relationship with nature during this full moon time. Powerful solutions, inspirations and wisdom, and the deepest of healings come to those that sit with nature in silence. Nature commands you to move out of thought and join its simple rhythm of just being.  Sit by a lake with a fishing rod, for example. Breathe in the purity of nature for 5 counts and then exhale. Do this a few times until you easily calm yourselves.

As you are being guided along this celestial path it will become more and more obvious that you need to choose a life of suffering or a life of peace.  In nature, you can do this in a heartbeat by stepping out of your thoughts and commune with All-That-Is and without knowing anything, much like a child, you will be guided aright. Can you be innocent, open and trusting and able to just drop your own bundles and let them dissolve into the past? Afterall, you really don’t know anything, so why not?

Dissolve is a wonderful word. We believe in the dissolving of the ego identity into essence, not the death of it. Dissolve all your fears and concerns, however real you believe them to be, into a place of peace where you find your true core strength, your centre.

The blue moon is also the colour of healing and in the mass unconscious you are really sitting collectively in the throat chakra – the portal of communication. Dissolve your old words and thoughts and attitudes and emotions until they become refined and cleansed into words of wisdom and ones borne out of stillness.  Then you can move together to the Indigo of the Third Eye collectively and into the new age.

Every moment on this Planet is a precious gift and a privilege you have been able to secure for your souls in order to catapult ahead in your individual and collective evolutions. As you move forward those that take the Earth for granted and choose to stay in suffering may find themselves veering onto a different celestial path. This may become particularly obvious around the Full Moon in Gemini at the end of November where the duality of existences may become more divided. We pray wholeheartedly that more souls will begin to choose the right path now, as we watch over all of humankind with Love. Happy Blue Moon.

Blue Feathers and the Council.