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The challenges that we have faced as humans, individually and collectively, in recent times, for at least a year or more, have been and will continue to be great opportunities for growth. When you have been shaken to the core, like a tree in a storm, did you find that your individual roots were firm or flimsy?

It has been an extraordinary time to go to the core and find yourself amidst the chaos of the outer world. In the final analysis, what did you learn about yourself and how you survived? There is a deep root of connection within you linked to the cosmos trying to help you find your true self. It certainly seems that there are many more challenges coming to us than ever before. And this forces us to go deep. We have planted seeds during the shutdown which may or may not be conscious. In truth, we have been growing towards this our whole lives.

But here’s the thing that you may not have been aware of before and that is that we all have access to a newfound level of inner strength. Can you get to it? Are you aware of it? After so much, after so so much, should someone question you or your views about your reality, your sense of being and who you are, there may be a part of you that comes forward in a way that it has not before.  Try it, test it. You might write, speak it and/or confront those that present you with an issue with a new found courage that you did not know about. It is a strength to draw from like the trees taking nourishment from the earth through its roots.

There are still those only interested in image, wealth and a kind of power that can only be derived from trying to strip down another of their beliefs and their self-worth to the point where they are totally immersed in lies and deception. Except, it is not true power. This is the old way – selfish, cruel and ruthless. Yes, it is still rife in many structures on Earth. And the old does not like to shift and it has brought up great fear and resistance. It fears death and it is a death that cannot be avoided. You cannot be like that and live in the new world wanting to move forward for the good of humanity and the planet. And there is not much chance that such an old way of being is going to change.

The only thing that is different is the rising strength of the individual – not to join some political cause (although this is happening). The cosmos has reached us from within and planted the new seeds for the new era. Those truly treated unfairly are coming forward – be it racial and/or personal abuse/women/communities etc. In the embryonic stages they must protest and march to be heard but later on, they will present as a peaceful strong front of humanity. Their work in the end will be accomplished. Those that form a movement for their own selfish, collective sakes shall not survive as there is no individual strength or connection with the cosmos there.  The cosmos is designed to break down the energy of those of falsehood and the old order and this cannot be avoided. The light of the cosmos is too bright.

Only you know the truth of these words. The greatest place to find this strength is to go out of thought and into sacred presence. In presence you let go of everything and for a time go into automatic pilot as the Universe drives you forward. And even when you return to challenges and if you have practised presence enough, you will find a calm and a strength even in the midst of the chaos, like a band of energy all around you and that band can only get stronger if you let it. You will be in the eye of the storm, calm and safe.

In the lead up to this week’s Full Moon in earthy Virgo and Finger of Fate astrological formation (around 27th February), there is an enormous opportunity to look for and find that new strength. In the new strength, your boat will not be overturned in the highest waves but only rocked before you make it to your next destination or challenge or adventure. No challenge, no obstruction will be strong enough now to break you from your own underlying strength because you have had too many experiences. You have come too far.

This is a beautiful time of the Earth Moon and also the Watery Flow of the Sun in Pisces. It is a time where they find harmony. Things and places frozen over will soon thaw into the warmth of the Sun and the Moon. The cosmos holds the Finger of Fate signaling that the times have changed and you have this new gift of strength. How to access it is right in front of you and deceptively simple. You will find it in the practice of stillness and use it as the Planet slowly recovers and grows. This is a gift from the cosmos.  Julie under the guidance of Blue Feathers.