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I could not let this week go by without acknowledging everyone impacted by the floods in my home state of New South Wales in Australia. Furthermore, I wanted to acknowledge the mass shootings again in America this week. If you can imagine the heartache of families losing loved ones in the mass shootings and again in Myanmar during the street protests. Black people are hurting deeply, Asian people are hurting deeply and, in my country, Aboriginal people are hurting deeply and are now very vocal. Also in my country, women of all races are now speaking out against sexual abuse, verbal abuse, bullying, harassment and the misogyny that feeds all of this. Everyone’s hurting. And yet, through all of this suffering is an opportunity to transcend into stillness and find your soul essence. Please listen to this podcast and at the end sit with me for a few minutes in peace so that you may begin a journey into your own inner world. Click on “Podcast” under “Talking Feathers” to find this meditation.