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“What the World Needs Now is Love Sweet Love. No, not just for some but for everyone”…. Over and over the Council are singing to me this beautiful song written by Bacharach and David in 1965.  See if you can find it on YouTube, Apple or Prime Music. Julie

Blue Feathers and the Council

Amidst the heaviness of the world right now we send you the greatest Love. See if you can open your hearts to Love for no reason, perhaps by singing this song in your mind or another favourite song of Love. It’s okay to feel good in the midst of this collective transformation. It’s okay to laugh and break the tension. It’s okay to enjoy each other’s company and enjoy simple things in life – the sun, the breeze, the cold that can bring comfort, the warmth that can bring relief; the water, wind, rain and trees. There may be cookies you baked or new plants you have planted.

These moments of relief and enjoyment give you strength. This website can give you strength as a transmitter of peace, Love and healing. Most of you don’t know how much Love there is for you all and for one another. There are many spectators in spirit and other realms surrounding you in Love and guidance. Try to feel it. This will accelerate the healing and the progress. Instead of keeping your heads down in the troubles lift up your faces to the sun and the stars – both are good for your soul.  Begin to reconnect with the beauty of nature. Find a park or a lake, a beach, creek or mountain.  Breathe into the blessings of nature all around you – a pot plant on your balcony or your beloved pet.

Imagine if you can, what life will be like when the pandemic is over. How will it be? What will it look like? Put aside your trepidations and think like a child held in unquestioned faith and a loving embrace. Think through Love because as surely as you walk on Earth, there is Love as much as there is any other experience. In fact, Love is the only experience to have right now. Love, compassion and understanding for each other. And forgiveness. Forgiveness will really accelerate your healing and your growth and so powerful that it will eventually release you from Karma.

So, what’s your recovery theme song as you move through this? Make it a good one.  Have gratitude for the blessings that come to you at this time. Have gratitude for every day. Every day on this Earth is sacred and your every breath is sacred. Have you forgotten? You know these truths somewhere in your being and it is stirring inside all of you and collectively.

In ancient times, love and peace was at the forefront of our existence. Humankind has moved away from simplicity and yet is being forced back into it. The tragedies on the planet are playing at your heart strings. However, you forget to get comfort from your heart strings. It might be buried but it is inside you. You let your heart be sad for what is happening only because you feel love underneath.  Some of you are very loving and some of you are not. And those of you who are not, your hearts are hurting. Even in anger or hatred, you are hurting. We send love to those who are the hurting the most. And you are hurting because you cannot feel the love that you once knew. Yet as long as you feel something-anything, you have access to Love in all of its glory.  

And those that say they don’t feel anything say that they have numbed out their pain. They’re depressed, lonely or even suicidal. They’re on substances or alcohol or even wealth, success and busy lives to numb it out. However, the truth of the pain remains and rings like a bell from your beings. The cries for Love ring out and this is what we hear. We see through all of your layers with the power of Love. It’s okay to feel and to cry it out all out to feel Love.

So, we call on you to try and access your heart strings and to recognize the opportunities on offer to find Love in the midst of all of this suffering. It’s within each and every one of you to find it. And if you can’t and you are struggling with what we are saying, just ask for help or evidence of what we are saying and we will send it.

With the greatest of Love, we embrace all of your hearts with our Love and that of the Divine Universe. We are praying that through the heart, humankind will return to its original and sacred state of Love.