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The purpose of this website from Julie Gregg

I have been called to a soul mission to help bring light as many souls as possible. I will do this by helping you find your own inner light. When others then see your light, then the ripples go out.

This website is in itself a transmitter of healing, peace, compassion and love. When you come here and ask for help, healing or guidance, you will always receive it. Just close your eyes and ask. It’s that simple.

Furthermore, this website offers information and access to one on one sessions to help you unlock and truly connect with your inner being. This is the greatest gift to give anyone as you make the transition to inner freedom and peace.


Mantra of Compassion – Om Mani Pad Me Hum to with spinning Tibetan Prayer Wheel

Om – generosity; brings wisdom

Ma – ethics; compassion

Ni – patience; body, speech mind quality and activity

Pad – diligence; equanimity

Me – renunciation; bliss

Hum – wisdom; quality of compassion.