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This weekend we say goodbye to our dreamy time in Pisces and move forward into the fiery, alive, spontaneous and passionate energy of Sun in Aries. Aries is a time of newness. It is considered “the baby” and first sun sign of the zodiac and heralds the new astrological cycle for the next 12 months. A perfect time to set some intentions, goals or dreams for the year ahead. Where would you like to be this time next year?

This weekend is also the time of the Equinox, where the span of time for night and day are roughly the same in length all around the planet. In the northern hemisphere, it is the spring equinox – a time for planting new seeds and enjoying the fresh new fragrances of flowers, the winds, water and sun and the new life of all flora and fauna. In the southern hemisphere, it is the autumn equinox – a time to gather up the harvested crops and the fruits of your labour before a hunkering down for the winter. This heralds an additional opportunity to set intentions, goals and dreams for the next six months and where you would like to be in your life by the autumn/fall or spring later this year.

In the last podcast, The Journey into Dreams Meditation, there was an opportunity to choose a dream and then send it to the New Moon in Pisces for gestation and manifesting. In this new podcast you have the opportunity to add strength and power to your original Piscean dream, if you so choose. Or you may choose to create a new dream at this doubly powerful Equinox/Aries gateway.

If you did not experience the Journey of Dreams Meditation, it does not matter. You can listen to it if you wish or you can start afresh here and now. Just bring into this meditation your dream, intention or goal for your designated period. The new podcast is about to follow.