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Dear Ones, You may be aware that there is a karmic balance and order of all things on your planet, although currently seemingly out of order and into chaos. So, just as you have been and are still undergoing intense and somewhat uncomfortable experiences, and suffering, there is a time coming when your experiences will be intensely positive – that is just a law of nature. As we have said, the current circumstances will pass and will be balanced out with new positive experiences.  By degrees, progress that you previously have not known, will be gradually experienced in some way in each of your own lives as challenges continue to wash away the old. As we have said, you will look back one day and count the blessings of the experiences currently before you. We are hoping that knowing this, will help you to surrender to current challenges.

What is emerging in humanity is a greater awareness of connection to all and each other and as a result the global community will be strengthened and established as a platform for future global development. As a global community you will take responsibility for the environmental “wrongdoing” that has impacted Gaia, for example. A new order and new leadership shall and will emerge. Everything and everyone are being adjusted to that end, right down to your DNA. If you can only see that your planet is emerging into a new dimension of reality and nothing less.

New Dimensions and Multi-Dimensional Awareness

At the doorway of the portal to understanding yourself as a multi-dimensional self is the spiritual awakening taking place in many of you.  Choosing to take up a practice of stillness and peace over suffering brings you to this doorway. Some of you have ample time in the present to try and practice this choice. However, it is available to everyone. It’s just a matter of realizing it and finding it in simplicity and with a pure heart as you cannot really find it through the mind. You may not realize how powerful, being in this doorway is and how powerful you are as beings of light, including those that take on a shadow persona. With practice, spending just 10 minutes per day in stillness and staying out of your mind opens that door. Open your hearts instead.

The doorway brings you to the nexus of other dimensions of reality and awareness of yourself as a multi-dimensional being. Already enough of you have embraced this doorway into stillness and this is creating the changes on the planet. And more deeply, this change is embedded as an agreement in the soul of the collective unconscious – the group soul of Earth dwellers.

Then within this order, you are all individually connected to your own group soul, so that only a part of the true “You” exists on Earth. Through meditative practices, past life regression, your own reading and discoveries, answers about your true identity will naturally present themselves to you. This is an amazing journey.  But just reading these words, you know it to be true that you are connected to a group soul. It is a matter of relaxing, surrendering and allowing realizations to naturally come flowing into your awareness.  Astrologically, in any retrograde period, a more intense phase on the planet, usually heralds greater periods of time for your soul to visit other dimensions while the basic self personality reviews and resets their plans on Earth.

The reality of the Planet as you have known it is breaking up. Many of you are saying, “We cannot go back to the way things were before the pandemic”. Instinctively you know this change to be true. It is very exciting for us to watch as never before has this planet been taken through to a new version of reality. Yes, there are many who are resistant out of fear and lack of understanding but this too shall pass through the portals of time. Even time itself as you have known it is questionable. Go with gratitude and the things and people that bring forth a positive feeling. This is a simple key. In times to come there will be extraordinary experiences witnessed by all on the Planet and Earth will come to realise its true and real connection with the rest of Universal consciousness and its place in a Galactic reality. That is enough for now but there is so much more to say.

Suggested authors/YouTubes etc. – Eckhart Tolle, Dolores Cannon, the Seth/Jane Roberts Books and anything else that resonates with your inner truth.  And don’t forget the practices of our Channel Julie here on Earth through this website which are available to all of you. 

In the heart of love. The Council.