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The Council of Chiefs

Owl Spirit comes swooping down to speak to us at this time of the Full Moon in Cancer. Here is what Owl says:

“In the fullness of the Moon there is no hiding. It sheds its light on everything that is in the dark. I live in the dark and can see clearly here at all times. I live in a space of complete sacred clarity and with such a Moon, we have a chance to join forces in terms of turning your thoughts to the purest of truths.

The backdrop to the Moon is of course the night sky and all its glittering stars. The night sky holds the Great Mystery and it is by flying through the Full Moon and into the night sky that you surrender to the void of the Universe.

Surrender to not knowing what is to come. Plants and animals do not seek predictions or try to calculate them. They stay in presence fully cognizant of their sacredness. There are many forces at play right now aiding in birthing the planet to the new. Many will tell you how it is going to be – for money, for adulation of the ego etc and in very persuasive ways. Yes, the Owl sees through you.

There is a difference in observing signposts from a place of presence, simply saying to you to surrender, dear Ones. You will never be able to work out the Great Mystery so just go with the coming newness on Earth step by step. However, as a blank canvas is before you as a child of the Universe, it is a fine time to play with what you would like to paint in your new reality.  The swirling nature of the creative forces and the Great Mystery will shine their lights on what you wish to create, particularly at the Full Moon but also in the days to come.  Living is a creative process and meant to be a blessed journey.  Paint your picture then release it to the forces of the Universe, as it knows what you need, what you desire, what you need to learn and through your requests will bring further growth and many blessed experiences.

Stay in your own lane still and let your relationship with presence, nature and the Divine grow. Fall on your knees and offer all your wishes in an ultimate act of surrender. Surrender, be still, surrender, be still.  And then what magic you will see! I am blessed to be able to move around during the night, through all the phases of the moon, and have been gifted with perfect vision even during the Dark of the Moon – my favorite time just before the New Moon gives birth.

If you begin to surrender into the void, truths will be revealed to you. Sometimes these are painful when people you trusted turn out to be false. But it is better to know and your honesty towards them will knock them off their perches as you swoop upon them with the truth.  Then you will move on and find your own parliament of owls, your own tribe.

As it has been said the Divine Goddess is weaving a new reality for Mother Earth and currently listening to all your requests and to those of Gaia. As the Owl, I come from the rays of Athena, Goddess of Wisdom, a fragment of the Divine Goddess. During the night, I always stay until the dawn and love to watch the newness of every sunrise before retiring. I pledge to watch over you, Dear Ones, love and protect you and will bring you more truths from time to time. Ask for my help and I will always uncover truths for you where there may be doubts. I will teach you to trust the truths your intuition is telling you.

In the light, Owl”.