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Dear Ones, How we relish remembering physical connection with Mother Earth, with Gaia.  The smell of the soil when it has been rained upon is a glorious experience as is the smell of grass and flowers, trees and all plant life.  Blessed are the animals and the children that roam our Planet in sacred innocence. May they be protected and preserved, supported and renewed in their growth and development.

This is a perfect time to be sinking into Earth, feeling its roots, smelling its air and feeling its flowing water and most of all, basking in the Sun.  Lay flat in a field if you can, looking up at the clouds; sit by a stream or swim in water or even move around in mud! Feel the Sun on your back and on your face even in the midst of a winter and crunchy snow beneath your feet. You know of its glorious presence at dawn and at sunset. What more do you need to exist?

We pray for those who are fearful right now and for the chaos that is increasing.  They are so fearful they must cry out because instinctively they know from the animal part of their human essence that things are changing beyond their control. So, they fight and they continue to fight for no reason because they know this is all dying away within them – life as we have known it. A new way of being is upon Earth.

The instinctive, animal part of human essence can also link with the spirit essence where it will find deep nourishment. They find this in the Earth and the Sun during the day Grandmother Earth, Pachamama and through the Moon and the Stars at night, Grandfather Sky.

Imagine putting a circle of loving souls together – living and not living, ancestors, Angels, Guides and Allies – and bind the circle with a golden light encompassing the fearful ones in the middle of the Planet within a sacred fire and smoking. That’s right, gather them in a sacred fire in your mind, not to harm them but to cleanse. Then if you can open your heart centers to these people and perhaps in some small way, they will come to understand that their hearts can be open too and love can reach them past their deep pain. Some of it is expressed simply as ignorance which makes their pain worse and is like a netted bundle they put around themselves and then cannot get out.

We pray to hold this space in presence and stillness and peace and to hold Mother Earth – this is our Medicine Wheel. We hear the deep pain of Earth and it is in the holding of this space now that a powerful transformation will take place. The pain of ignorant people is sacred too and out of compassion we must hold the space. Their pain is birthing the new and they are signaling to the rest of us that the birth labor is here.  However, they will not be able to escape it and those in the light and calm must look on and go through this witnessing in presence as midwives. To do this without judgement is hard but it adds more quality to the birthing and is for your own good and protection.

In the presence of this sacred space at this time, you will experience unusual grounded-ness and strength and calm. Instinctively, you will know what to do and you will have instincts and clarity about the way the Earth is going and growing. From this large pool of light, you can drink from it for your own energy, healing and for your own life and that of your community. This is our Medicine Wheel.

Beyond the Medicine Wheel and the birth canal there is the overlay of the Rainbow Wheel of light that is the new life grid. Some call it the dawning of the Sixth Sun on the planet, long since predicted by the Toltecs of ancient times. After five evolutionary cycles on the Planet, the sixth cycle is the most sacred and the most spiritual where we all come together.

Now is the time to begin to come together. We hope you gather in our Medicine Wheel whose seeds are sown now in this week in the New Moon of Capricorn January 13th and will culminate and be released at the time of the Full Moon in Leo on 28th January 2021. Light a candle if you can each evening during this period and cleanse with sage or native leaves and keep a vigil with us in this first phase of birthing into the new. And so it shall be.

Blue Feathers and the Council.