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There is so much in the media and in predictions right now about chaos, confusion, and disorder. You might say that you must take notice of this because we are all connected in humankind, and just in case the drama comes your way. And although we acknowledge that the field of chaos is a platform of great creativity and transformation, mostly though, what is happening ‘out there’ is not yours.  Yes, you are all going through big adjustments on the planet but stay out of what is not truly yours, in your Earthly daily lessons. This is a time to bunker down and ground in your own self practice. Because we are all connected in the Universe, it is even more important at this time to take up the mantel of personal self-care and self-reflection as this surely impacts the whole and that’s where your focus should lie. It is your right and responsibility as a being on this planet to start undertaking self-reflection and times of silence and presence.

Be like a child moving into this new world and Age of Aquarius.  Stay with simplicity, nature, your family and other loved ones.  Love your pets and love your patch of nature, however small. We ask also that you adopt a child-like faith. In the news it may look like there are rough and unchartered waters ahead and the planet is full of unexpected events, both in nature and in Government and other establishments, secrets being uncovered etc. However, if your inner foundations are strongly rooted within love and spirit and connection to both the Earth and the Universe, your boat will survive even the most seemingly terrifying tidal wave. You will land on the other side of this in exquisite joy and profound sense of relief because you trusted that you would be okay knowing that the tidal wave never happened, or at least that you felt safe through the whole journey.

Don’t let all your hard work in suffering and growth be dissolved by fear and dread of the unknown. The Earth is held in the cradle and hands of a loving Universe and of our loving influence, as the Council of Chiefs, is humbly a part of that influence. However, there are many, many more wonderful influences. Isn’t it time you began to become aware of them?

It is time to wake all willing Earth dwellers from the doldrums of your own long, long history and past experiences. What if we told you, you are actually free of all of that?  Wouldn’t you feel liberated if that were true? It is true if you choose to believe it. And that there is a new identity for you and place in the cosmos and not just on Earth if you choose to believe it.

Our words, no doubt, must seem deceptively simple and simplistic. Rooted in the ancients, we have a long association with simplicity and connection with Grandmother Earth and Grandfather Sky and the four seasons and directions of nature. But you too truly all have this in your beings to draw from, as you come from the Earth and shall return to dust. Pick up a handful of earth and smell it. You are a part of this. No civilization on this planet has ever been able to get past the fundamental truths of human flesh and bone.

So, go deep within your flesh and your bones. Sink deep into the Earth, if you can imagine, and feel that wonderful and fresh, comforting wet earth, with all its minerals and goodness for you. This is what you are truly a part of and not the chaos of the outer world. The chaos is truly only here to challenge you to be still.

In the core of the speedy chaos, is an earthy slowing down into body time and Earth time. Many Indigenous groups move to this tempo. Indigenous Australians call it Koori time.  So, the wisdom is slowing right down now and into this peace that we keep reminding you of in our words. Over time, there will be more of you who will read our words and those of you that already do, may carry the words forward. But even if that does not happen right now, the transmission still reaches each and every soul on this planet including flora and fauna. There are many loving transmissions being sent to Earth at this time that we are a part of in a bigger cosmic picture. Watch for dreams and adjustments going on in your life. Every time you come to our pages you receive a transmission of peace, healing, and love. That is there for everyone to enjoy.

Our guidance to you is to go slow at this speedy time of evolution and take one step at a time. Stay grounded and keep your life simple.  Take one step at a time as the Universe unfolds before you. What a wondrous and marvellous journey it is and how exciting it is to be in flesh and bone at this time where you can breathe and feel the wind on your face and the warm sun on your back. Take good self-care and then you can care for others. If you find your own inner life and strength, others will as well, and you will have every resource you need just by going within. That is the magic of the journey and your solutions will unfold like magic.

We strongly recommend daily practices of meditation and of connecting with nature. These will be the anchors that carry you through to the new world about to be born on the planet.  Return again and again to a descent into Earth and feel it embrace you with all its richness and wonder.  As we move towards December 21st and the dawning of the new age stay simple, stay in Earth and grounded, walk slow and with surety. Stay in your own lane. Much love the Council.