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When I first created the Blue Feathers website (2008-15), the Council gave me awareness of a Group Soul that had emerged out of 9/11.  Those that perished that day were already in loving service as firemen, police and health professionals etc. In the mix of the group soul, this lovingness was joined by the others that perished with them. This included those flying over Pennsylvania; those at the Pentagon and the representatives of some 78 countries around the world. Somehow, they emerged in spirit as this great and beautiful energy ready to help others cross over through other mass tragedies like Haiti, New Orleans, and Aceh, tidal waves in Japan and earth quakes across the globe, fires etc. They have offered their help too in mass shootings and mass acts of violence often seen in war torn zones on the planet, those lost at sea and in air crashes and now those passing over as a result of the pandemic. They have been there to quietly help souls come out of earthly trauma and into the afterlife and to calm loved ones left behind. There were what you might call Angels that assisted them that day, 9/11 and since then they have been lovingly passing on their experiences to help others. I feel proud to have awareness of this beautiful, loving and peaceful group soul.

So, as we come to commemorate 9/11 in 2020, some 19 years on, what does the Group Soul of 9/11 look like now? In my mind’s eye I see a flock of birds eternally flying in a graceful and glorious formation celebrating in movement its own beauty. There is an unmistakable strength about this collective that is resonant of a tough New Yorker with a heart of gold; of those mighty ones on a plane over Pennsylvania; the ones that perished in the Pentagon, all mixed with the energy of those from 78 countries. There is pride and an imprint of courage that they might have perished to save others. There is love and compassion for the loved ones left behind. Their presence brings enormous presence of peace and integrity. It has a regal kind of quality. 

When they passed over, as a result of such a cataclysmic event, those in the Group Soul immediately catapulted into higher regions of light as their whole purpose was fulfilled in their passing. Individually, they have reviewed their lives and experiences and contribute to learning in other realms. Wherever they go they continue to be connected in the web of loving service.

As a microcosm of humanity as a Group Soul, it reminds us of the best that we can become as a collective – loving, strong, courageous and willing to help for the good of the many to the bitter end. This is a Group Soul that knows no race, creed or colour. It is bound instead by the thread of love, grace and courage. May we always remember them and for as long as I am writing these posts, I will be remembering them and their loved ones and the loved ones that have since perished and joined the “Group”.

Through this page the Group sends love and light to the beloveds they left behind: to New Yorkers, those in Washington, and ones bereft of those who flew over Pennsylvania and the families and friends of ones from the other cities and countries from which they came that day. And of course through this page we all send love back to them as well.

With Love from Julie and Blue Feathers.