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From The Council

The current turbulence of the world and the unprecedented transformation of humankind as a collective has a beautiful purpose and outcome.  For those that need to feel a sense of relief in a seemingly never-ending situation, yes there is relief.  The pandemic will pass. All cycles and events pass. Nature comes and goes in cycles. But behind it, it has its purpose. That is, when humankind looks back one day, all that is happening now will have had its purpose. Can you visualize at all what that looks like in a time beyond the pandemic? Try it. It may be hard to see amidst the hardship and not many of you can see the way clear but try.

What wisdom could be behind all of this suffering, limitation and setback? These are defining times indeed for humankind on Earth. In your individual worlds, what’s happening? Have any blessings at all occurred? Can you honestly say that absolutely nothing has happened that might be a blessing – an unexpected helping hand; a Government gives you money to live on; your neighbourhood or community has grown closer …. Anything?

Is it possible that you are beginning to realise that you are all connected as humankind and that we are all connected as beings in greater web of the Universe? Are you caring more for one another more than you did, even in the midst of riots and arguments; standing up and declaring that this or that is not good enough anymore? With cries of “we’ve had enough”.  Are there now signs of peace where previously there was not? The global stage is looking smaller and more compact where information is easily accessible and everyone knows what’s going on.

Here is what we are seeing through the cracks: underneath it all there is a great deal of love going on in the world and yes, there is movement and changes for the better on the way. Collectively you have agreed to come into a time of clearing, changing and altering yourselves for an overall improvement which is done within the mass unconscious soul energy. Most of you have chosen the path of suffering. And what we ask is that you surrender to that suffering and allow it to come through you and bring the changes because there is a wisdom behind them. If you resist, the suffering will persist and the changes are coming anyway. You are in the birth canal.

Let go and breathe and allow whatever is happening. Just accept the world as it is and your place in it. You have chosen to be here and that is your cosmic role. Maybe it’s easy to say but have you tried surrendering to what is? Let go and surrender again. And strange as it may seem, in the midst of that surrender you will find peace, even a little bit. Perhaps your mind will come back in again but the peace is there in your being in the background.

Empty your thoughts just for 5 or 10 minutes. Just do nothing but sit in silence. Even then at first, you might notice your thoughts come through like a stream. But if you can observe your thoughts you are not your thoughts or your mind. You are a soul in a body, with a mind and a personality and an ego. In the silence your soul essence which surrounds all your other aspects, will make itself known to you.  First through a kind of stillness and then peace and deeper feelings of the soul. Like any relationship, you have to work at it and practice. You have to give this space and time but the benefits will carry through this time in a way you could never imagine.

We see the overall mosaic of the collective human entity as it rearranges itself, like pieces of a puzzle making a new overall landscape painting, a collective metamorphosis. Yes, it’s very frenetic right now and painful and parts are dying away, souls are passing away.  It’s also a marvellous, colourful vibrant process from our perspective. In a time of social distancing you have never been more connected than you are now.

The key is to surrender and then the collective changes will happen more quickly and easily. Some of you have begun and this is making a difference. Go within, just surrender, let go without trying too hard. Just be fully in presence and fully in surrender.  We ask you to try as there is so much to gain. And you will find us in that space and that all the love and support of the Universe is at your disposal. Think of us and visit this website and the energy will reach you, dear Ones. There are ways through but only you can decide to find the key and take the next step and as you do you are doing nothing less than affecting the whole of humanity.  Sending Love from All of The Council.