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The Star of the Sky or Christmas Star is with us at this time as Jupiter and Saturn come together. It is being seen in the skies around the world. Close your eyes and go into that beautiful star even if you don’t physically see it.  There are photos on the Internet to focus on that are very useful. There are many of us who have incarnated many times contributing to awakening of Earth dwellers and to bringing forth a shift in the energy. This energy portal is a culmination of all our work over the centuries. In the Star I see the Divine Feminine weaving a beautiful new reality for us all in a heightened frequency and using the symbol of infinity, figure eight on its side, for her endless supply of weaving. It feels familiar somehow to get a drink of this Star light and sip the new energy. She is singing in beautiful high tones like the Goddess that she is and reminiscent of the sounds of mermaids and Angelic singers in spirit.

At the same time its center is unmistakably the Divine or Christ presence, shining beautifully at us all and emanating eternal beauty and presence. It activates this presence within us just by looking at it. It holds infinite intelligence and connection with each of us individually. It will speak to you. It holds forth a gateway through which the Galactic community can make more connection with us and help us on this Planet. It shows the wisdom of just ‘being’ in all its natural glory.

We are being given plenty of time to slow down and align and connect with this energy. This is why the pandemic persists and it is a blessing for it brings us back to what Christmas is all about and what living is all about – simplicity, peace, kindness and love. We will find ourselves where we need to be truly for Christmas and there will be wisdom in it, if only you can see it.

Drink in this sacred and Divine star light every precious night that it is here. Imagine your soul travelling up into it and come back filled with its light and its messages. You will remember some messages and others later. And just as one of you does this, so we all benefit as we are all connected. We are strengthening our souls through this special time.

The consciousness of our connection as an Earth community is coming to the fore in this new birthing Age.  We are being forced to face this now as a reality but how about lovingly embracing it? It is a wondrous opportunity to contribute whatever you can. Everyone on this planet has an important role to play.  Even by sitting in silence or in nature you are contributing the powerful changes that are now arriving.

There are many ceremonies and gatherings on the Planet at this time to celebrate the new Age. In doing so we are all joined in this celebration. It is just as important to sit in quiet without any thought and align with the true nature of the cosmos. You may experience it in waking hours or you may dream the experience but everyone of us will come through this new portal of light. No celebration or uncovering of truths or secrets or information etc. will be more important than another. That time of the ego is gone and it is time to put that aside, dear ones.  Everything uncovered and revealed now has equal and maximum worth. Those who are false will become far more obvious in this light and their influences will fall away now.  That is the dying of the old, of the shadow.

I say again, drink in this exquisite energy experience of the Star that heralds the opening on the cosmic gate, of the Divine showing itself in pure form and a world we could never have imagined. Will you choose this reality, dear ones? Only you know the truth in the deepest part of your soul.  It is truly a sense of coming home.

Julie and Blue Feathers.