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Dear Ones, The answer is clear. The way the Earth has been going in a third dimensional reality, the forces of Nature have surely been shifting us in a direction that will take us off this Planet by the end of the century. Gaia would need to rest from the ravaging of forests, animals, lands and peoples, and polluted cities and waterways for selfish gains and wants. Somehow the pandemic is a product of all of this and left without checking beyond the fundamental level of existence, our race would gradually die off. We have been here as civilizations before which all ended and resulted in total wipeout. This is a new chapter or is it the final chapter?

However, in the new reality of the 5th dimensional new on Earth, there are forces beyond the fundamental coming to the fore. These are the cosmic forces accessed through your heart and instinct, not your mind. This is why there is a global awakening that is beginning to breakthrough the reality we have known.

Many of you have been missing that the only way to find this awakening and this breakthrough is by sitting in silence, in presence. It’s too simple and you have missed it. Now, this is a choice but what are you going to choose? The Pandemic is Persisting until we GET IT to retreat within and find our essence, our intuition and our peace. We are being given ample time to practice presence and stillness in lockdown or homestay. Some are panicking, many are frustrated but how many of you are using this as an eternal time, it seems, for retreat? It is also a time of caring more for each other and caring by wearing a mask etc. and showing respect for others. It is impossible not to think of others now in the new order.

I am telling you that when enough of us GET IT and move into peace and presence as a daily practice then the pandemic will subside. The cosmic forces are coming forward more strongly every day and it is time, past time, to get on board. So please go to nature if you can, sit in silence and learn the new and true nature of reality. This is how we turn a bad dream into an eternal existence of beauty and joy.

The collective beauty of the awakening is like a huge ever-growing, disc of rainbow light that comes over you if you let it. Close your eyes and call in this Sun of the awakening collective. It is made up of all of us and it is beautiful and enriching. It is all encompassing and very comforting to feel.

MAKE THE COMMITMENT to meditate or just sit in alert silence every day and wait and watch and see the changes in your life for the better and that of the collective. Yes, it really is that important and so, so simple. Amen.

Julie and Blue Feathers