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Have you ever looked at an ancient ruin and felt a connection with it? Whether it is a pyramid, Stonehenge or an old castle. Perhaps it is an underground cave or some scene in nature that is untouched and still beautifully wild; if any of the ancients resonate with you it is an opportunity to go back into your ancient self.

Take some deep breaths, holding each breath for 5 counts before letting go. Imagine that you have travelled back to the beginning of time on this planet. What do you see around you? Is it sunny with a breeze flowing around your face or is it night-time under a full moon or starry sky? What do you hear? Waves crashing as you stand on a cliff or the sound of beetles or cicadas on a hot summer’s day.  If you hear lions roar are you scared or exhilarated as they have become your friends? The same with a snake, is it good or scary. Stay with the excitement and connection and release any fears into the past where they belong. What do you feel? Maybe the earth under bare feet or moving through the refreshing, clear water as one of a school of dolphins. Stay with this for 10 or 15 minutes.

Doing this is like opening doors in your being like a breath of fresh air. You feel completely open and connected with everything. In this space you are timeless and eternal. You have no beginning and no end. It is very liberating and very simple.

In those times there was a pure, direct and sacred connection with Earth, Sky and Spirit. It was part of the religions and the culture. Many Indigenous cultures and other spiritual practices have kept this alive since. Even now it is within you and that through reading these words and practising going back in time, it is possible to find this ancient and infinite self.  It is not only ancient and infinite but it is also sacred.  And in this sacred place, is the stillness and infinite peace.

Any ancient texts take you there as well and carry all the atmosphere and presence of antiquity. One of my favourites is “Awakening Osiris: The Egyptian Book Of The Dead” translated by Normandi Ellis. Phanes Press 1988.